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We live in a wonderful country that has allowed us unprecedented prosperity. That prosperity is due to the freedoms the Constitution provides for us.

I believe that all the issues facing us individually and as a country can be addressed with solutions founded on the principles of the Constitution. 

In the past I have felt that many problems were beyond our individual control and there was little that we could do. I have been drawn to the Constitution and have reaffirmed my belief that the only way we can solve the problems we face today is to get back to the constitution and to a smaller government. With a small government, focusing on the rights given to States' by the Constitution, the power is given back to the people.

We need people who are firm in their convictions and the rights given by God and protected by the Constitution, whether it is property rights, parent rights, gun rights, freedom of speech etc. We need to stand strong. There are those that feel that people need to be forced to do what they feel is right or safe. They could not be more wrong. It is that freedom of choice that generates creativity and growth.

The individual freedoms protected by the Constitution does not mean that we are on our own, but we are all in this together and together we can make a difference.

Here is my position on a few issues.


Fight to lower the tax burden on individuals and families. I am currently working diligently on removing the tax off Social Security.


Right to Bear Arms

All law-abiding citizens should have the right to bear arms without any unnecessary obstacles or regulations. I have faith and trust in our friends, neighbors, and law abiding citizens.


Parental Rights

Parents understand and have the best interest for their children. We need to allow parents to parent. 



Children with a good education grow up to be better citizens and contributors to our society. It is important to make sure our public school system is properly funded for both teachers and children. 

Our curriculum should be based around principles to prepare our children with the academic knowledge for life. There is no room for any ideology that implies a person is inherently superior or inferior. We can always improve on providing equal education opportunities in K-12, the error in policy comes when we think we have to ensure equal outcomes. 



I stand firm for the life of the unborn. What more can I say! 


 In these days we have become more and more uncivil with each other. I believe social media has provided echo chambers where we cease hearing opposing opinions that have merit. To be “tolerant” we first have to have someone that we disagree with. It is unfortunate that those that often claim to be the more “tolerant” end up being the least tolerant of others opinions. 

We can stand boldly for what we believe and still be kind and civil to those we disagree. It is important to know that opposing points of view is not hate nor phobic. When we resort to slander or refuse to communicate with each other, progress to a better society will cease. 

Let’s all make a conscious effort to be committed to use more civility with social media, emails and our personal conversations.


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